Seven OAI Scales

  1. Truthfulness Scale: Measures inmate truthfulness while completing the test. It identifies denial, problem, minimization, and attempts to "fake good."
  2. Violence Scale: Measures an inmate disposition or propensity to injure damage, or destroy.
  3. Resistance Scale: Measures defensiveness, non- compliance, and oppositional attitudes.
  4. Alcohol Scale: Measures alcohol use and the severity of abuse.
  5. Drug Scale: Measures the severity of non-prescription (illicit) drug use or abuse.
  6. Substance Abuse/Dependency Scale: Classifies substance use, abuse or dependency according to DSM-IV methodology.
  7. Stress Coping (Management) Abilities Scale: Measures the inmates ability to manage stress, pressure, and anxiety.


The Offender Assessment Index (OAI) is an adult court test that is appropriate for evaluating misdemeanor and felony defendants. It can be used to evaluate males and females. The Offender Assessment Index (OAI) is an evidence-based offender assessment instrument or test.

What do you want to know about defendants after arrest but before court? Aside from guilt or innocence questions include: Was the defendant truthful when evaluated? Is substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse a factor? Is the defendant violent, dangerous or lethal? Is the defendant’s attitude resistant or cooperative? How well does the defendant handle stress? Is it likely the defendant has emotional or mental health problems? The OAI answers these questions and more.

The OAI report presents quantitative information obtained by empirically-based measures (scales), which independently generate risk (percentile) scores. Scale development is based upon nearly 20 years of research. In addition, explanatory paragraphs describe attained scores and contain specific, score-related recommendations. And, each scale is presented graphically in the OAI profile.

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The Offender Assessment Index (OAI) consists of 158 truthfulness and multiple choice items and takes on average 30 minutes to complete. OAI tests are computer scored with reports scored and printed on-site within 2 1/2 minutes of test data (answers) input.